It is said that your #1 resource as a leader is your people. But it’s not. Your best resource is actually your people when they’re using their time effectively to accomplish the mission you set for them. In this world of constant distraction, it’s critical that your people know how to harness their energy, handle interruptions, and remain focused on the most important tasks before them. They need the tools to turbocharge their time and become outrageously productive.


Time Management is a concise, powerful book that lays out the fundamentals of effective time management. With this one book, your people can shift their perspective about how to manage their energy, their time, and themselves!


Joe Serio is an intriguing character, with keen insight into the foundations of where fear, procrastination, and prior failures can derail even the most successful people. The combination of this insight, packaged into a page turning, easy to digest and absorb written format makes for a compelling read. — Kaia Tingley, digital marketing consultant

Fear is the #1 reason businesses fail, organizations get stuck, and employees underperform. As a leader, this is one of the most critical realizations you can make. When employees are experiencing fear, they make fewer sales calls, handle conversations badly, drive down morale, abuse sick time, and often show up late to work. And some can have an endless supply of excuses, rationalizations, and justifications for not stepping into their potential.


Overcoming Fear provides a roadmap for your people to move from being locked down to being bolder. This book has inspired people to improve their sales numbers, go for promotions, be better team players, and improve their work and home lives.


“If you’ve ever stopped yourself from doing something you wanted to do, read this book. Overcoming Fear gave me the tools to move beyond my self-imposed limitations.” — Laura Steward, #1 bestselling author and founder of Wisdom Learned, LLC

Stress inhibits creativity and innovation, leads to a variety of illnesses, and cripples teams. One of the most important tools you can provide your people is an effective way to bounce back from adversity and failure. Being resilient is the single-most-critical survival skill for when things go wrong…and they will go wrong. As a leader, you get to infuse your people with confidence and the tools to face and conquer any challenge.

Being Resilient presents a treasure trove of tools and techniques for transforming stress into positive energy for reframing problems, creating a roadmap, and getting through difficult times.


“If you’re ready to achieve higher levels of success, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by Adam Timm and Joe Serio. Their message will inspire you to reach for greatness!”  — James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s hit TV show, “Secret Millionaire,” the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker® Trainer & Coach Founder,

Most presentations are mediocre if not horrible. Your people are cramming slides full of words, talking at the audience instead of engaging with it, and following their own agenda instead of giving the audience what it needs. And it’s hurting your sales, your association’s membership levels, and your bottom line. Success will go to the company or organization that can reach their audience by addressing their needs and creating a memorable experience.


Public Speaking addresses the fear around speaking and provides a blueprint for building a great presentation. If your people are afraid to pick up the phone, stand in front of prospective clients, or present at a conference, it doesn’t have to be this way. Fear of public speaking is a head game and this book shows the way forward.


“The book is wonderful! The chapters are brief, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, and meaningful. It prevents you from being overwhelmed.” — Roxane Marek, Chief, Adult Probation Department, Wharton County, Texas

We experience emotions—positive and negative—that we developed years ago. And we each bring that history into every relationship, every job, and every situation. If the emotions we hang on to are unhealthy, so are our reactions in the workplace. Countless hours are wasted by people who can’t handle their situations effectively. Feelings get hurt, people critical to the team’s success stop talking to each other, and problems get swept under the rug only to reemerge far worse later. It’s difficult to pursue excellence when your people are indulging their lowest emotions.


Emotional Intelligence outlines how your people can improve the way they look at, process, and manage their emotions, converting their knee-jerk reactions into even-handed responses. This book also shows how to understand others people’s emotions and interact with them more effectively.


“Joe Serio has a gift for taking a difficult subject and breaking it down into bite-sized chunks of practical suggestions and hard-won wisdom.” — Jim Comer, communication coach, professional speaker, and writer

Countless books and articles have reported on the Russian mafia in breathless terms bordering on hysteria. Casting a broad net, Investigating the Russian Mafia brings a more analytical approach to the exploration of the subject. This book is not only a discussion of the Russian mafia, but also an exercise in critical thinking about one of the major developments in international crime over the past two decades. Readers will be challenged to examine information being presented by the media and government authorities, to put the current news stories in a broader historical and cultural context, and learn to ask questions and arrive at their own conclusions. 


Quite simply this is the best book I have read dealing with the Russian mafia. It deals very extensively with Mr. Serio's experiences in the former Soviet Union. The only thing better then reading this book would be to take one of his classes or attend one of his lectures. Either way, this is a must for anyone wanting to take a look into the rising global power that is the Russian mafia. Enjoy, and buy two copies! It makes a great gift if you've got organized crime investigators as friends. — W. Rutherford, Amazon Reviewer

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